Here you will find answers to most of your questions

What should I do if I want to order bigger number of T-shirts/sweatshirts, e.g. 20/50/100?

The best way is to send us such an order via e-mail.
We need the following information to individually price the order and determine the processing time:
• chosen colour of T-shirts/sweatshirts/tote bags
• number of pieces
• what graphics should be placed on them (preferably visualization in a good quality file)
• optionally, expected completion date

After accepting the price (and sending us T-shirt/sweatshirt size information) we initiate the process.

ps. it is also possible to see the cost of the order in our designer. Design your T-shirt/sweatshirt/bag, select how many pieces you need then search for the ‘Get a quote’ option in the bottom right corner. This is also a great way to price your order, especially if you want to use our designer.

Why is there a limitation of 5 pieces in the designer in express mode?

There is no such limitation per se, there is only a request to contact us to confirm the order. Please remember that in express mode we have limited time to complete the order and we have to verify our production capacity + number of shirts/sweatshirts/tote bags in our magazine.

Can you bring your own T-shirt/sweatshirt to be printed on? How much does it cost?

Yes, you can. We accept T-shirts and sweatshirts, but they have to be 100% cotton (sweatshirts min. 80% cotton), new (unused), have no stitching, buttons or zip in area of the print.
The price will be reduced by the cost of the medium (10 PLN for a T-shirt, 60 PLN for a sweatshirt).

PS – Note that the print will not always come out as expected on the entrusted medium, fabrics are different and prints on them also come out differently. We are not responsible for an unsatisfying print on delivered material.

Which T-shirt/ sweatshirt/ tote bag colours are available?

Detailed information (including colour information) about the fabrics on which we print can be found in the ‘Products’ tab. We offer men’s, women’s and children’s T-shirts, men’s polos, men’s sweatshirts and cotton bags.

For orders +20 we can also order other printing materials (e.g. women’s polo shirts, other FOTL shirts, JHK T-shirts).

What is the size chart of your T-shirts/sweatshirt/tote bags?

Check out the ‘Products’ tab. You can also find information about the product on which you want to print by clicking ‘Size’ in our designer.

Do we have bodysuits/T-shirts for babies?

We have T-shirts for kids aged from 1 to 12 years in white and black (from 20 pieces up, other colours are also available). We do not have bodysuits, but we may print on the one you provide, although they must be made of cotton and preferably white.

If I order a T-shirt/ sweatshirt on Monday at 11am, when can I pick it up?

STANDARD- 48h (48 working hours)- pickup on Wednesday after 11.00
Express- 6h (6 working hours)- pickup on Monday after 5 pm

Let’s assume that at 11.00 we have the order and your payment on our bank account. The fastest way of payment is via Tpay system, traditional bank transfer may delay your order by 1-2 working days (in case of traditional bank transfer, please send us the payment confirmation – it is enough to start the process of completing your order).

If you design your order yourself using our designer, the exact pickup time will appear in the right corner of the page.

Please note that once payment has been received, we will send you an email to let you know when exactly your order will be ready for pickup.

How can I speed up the processing of my order?

The express mode is helpful, we have 6 working hours for the completion of such an order and it means that the T-shirt is ready the same, or the next day.
Payment via T-pay system significantly speeds up the process (we receive the payment right away), normal transfer delays it by at least several hours (usually by 1 working day).

In case of bigger orders it is often enough to call us and ask if we are able to squeeze in 20-30 more shirts till tomorrow, 12.00 p.m.. It is often possible.

When can I collect my order?

After placing an order through the designer, you will receive an automatic email confirming your order. In the following email we will let you know when exactly your order will be ready for pickup.
You are also welcome to pick it up at our shop in Warsaw, 83 Solec St., between 10.00 and 18.00 on working days.

Do you print on polyester T-shirts?

Not any more. We are currently focusing only on cotton T-shirts, sweatshirts, polos, tote bags.

Do you print on any other items/textiles than those on the website?

Up to 20 pieces we print only on what we have in our standard offer. Another option is to send us your own T-shirt/sweatshirt (made of cotton, of course).
If there are 20 or more pieces we can order other products for you, i.e. another model of a T-shirt, another brand, other colours of sweatshirts etc. We constantly cooperate with 3-4 wholesalers so the choice is quite big.

Is it possible to pay for an order placed via designer upon receipt?

Sometimes we agree to it, but only in exceptional situations, e.g. the T-shirt is a present for your wife/husband with whom you have a joint account, etc.

Is it possible to get a print proof?

Yes, but only for orders of 20 or more pieces. Then the whole printout costs as much as for the quoted quantity. However, you have to remember that the sample printout delays order fulfilment, because you have to see and accept the printout and only then we start calculating the fulfilment deadline. Generally, if there is time, we recommend this option (especially for orders of 100+), because it is safe both for us and for you.

Is it possible to print a T-shirt that I have at home or have seen online?

This is difficult and often impossible. If the design is easy and with few colours, we are often able to do it.
To assess if we are able to process your order, you need to send us a visualization or an inquiry about optional completion time. We will assess if we are able to recreate it.

PS – the recreation of a project costs 30-50 PLN and the recreated project will never be identical to the one sent.

How do I place an order for T-shirts?

Orders of up to 20 pieces should be placed in our designer at

Orders of 20 pieces or more should be sent via email ( – these orders are priced individually and the delivery time is determined individually.
Information we need for individual pricing and delivery time:
• chosen colour of T-shirts/sweatshirts/tote bags
• number of pieces
• what graphics should be placed on them (preferably visualization in a good quality file)
• optionally, expected completion date
After accepting the price (and sending us T-shirt/sweatshirt size information), we will initiate the process.

How to take care of printed clothing?
  1. Wash inside out. By washing on the left side, we protect the outer part of the garment against friction, e.g. drum, other fabrics, or zippers.
  2. Wash max 40 degrees
  3. Customize the program. When choosing a program and detergents, remember that the more delicate the program and detergents you choose, the more durable the print. We recommend that you limit spinning to a max. 600 turns.
  4. Do not tumble dry clothes with print.
  5. Be careful with ironing. DO NOT IRON THE FLEX FILM.
What does priming a white T-shirt do?

Priming consists in adding an additional step to the printing process, ie before printing, we spray the white T-shirt with a special liquid, thanks to which the print has a better “hooking” in the fabric. Priming improves the colors of the print (they are more intense) and increases durability.