20+ orders

Due to the limitations of our designer, orders over 20 pieces are priced individually based on the cost of the selected product, the cost of the ink (mainly regarding size of the graphic) and the preparation time. With a larger number of pieces (up from 20 pieces), we can offer a wider range of products (more brands, more colours), which will be cheaper per piece (the bigger number of pieces, the shorter the preparation time). We try to approach each customer individually as each of us has different needs and expectations.

We fulfil our orders quickly, so don’t be afraid to ask about crazy deadlines, like 50 shirts for tomorrow. Together we will agree upon what we can do within the deadline given by you.

We want to print from good files, because high quality graphics means high quality print. Before sending us graphics for quotation, please read the FILE PREPARATION tab.

If you want to know the approximate price of your order, you can check out our PRICE LIST.